Route Planning
& Optimisation

Use openFleet to create and assign several routes in the most efficient way possible taking into consideration several constraints and parameters including customer time windows, vehicle capacity, driver working hours and breaks, required skills and many more.
Save several hours of planning whilst maximising the utilisation of your fleet!

Mobile Dispatch

Dispatch routes to your entire mobile workforce with a simple click.  With the easy to use openFleet Mobile app drivers will receive the routes they need to follow together with all the necessary job information and can also send updates instantly including photos and digital signatures. With such a powerful tool, drivers will remain on track and offer an excellent customer experience.



Tracking & Customer Notifications

Keep track of your drivers’ location and progress as they complete their jobs in real-time. Alerting mechanisms will notify you when a driver is running late or when a job was not completed. Notifications to customers can be sent out by SMS or e-mail informing them of the status of their delivery and giving them the ability to track their order.

Monitoring of
Key Metrics

A comprehensive set of reports and dashboards help you take better informed decisions. By capturing historical data and other key metrics, higher efficiency gains can be achieved and other areas of improvement can be identified. It is easier to analyse market trends and identify opportunities for business growth.



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