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Our Partners

We are grateful for the high-calibre and extremely valuable partnerships we have made along our journey. Our culture, which has developed along with our partnerships, has ensured top-quality environment to produce top quality products using the most cutting-edge technologies. As we continue to grow and create more partnerships, we continue to establish long-term relationships that we never fail to maintain.


Our partnership with Sygic has enabled us to stay in touch with your entire fleet, with a top of the satellite navigation system.  Second most used app worldwide and over 200 million users, openFleet is able combine their technology into our solution to offer the best experience to your fleet. With high quality 3D maps, Sygic has helped your fleet to find the most efficient route and escape traffic, even without an internet connection.


Peak-Ryzex delivers the well-known strength, international presence, solutions expertise, and the depth and breadth of experience as an end-to-end Provider of Supply Chain, Mobility and Retail Solution. Finding the right hardware and materials can be a demanding endeavour, however, our partnership with Peak-Ryzex has given us the opportunity to continuously provide our clients with the latest, most cutting-edge technology.


Honeywell manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanization. Us at openFleet has maintained a green, sustainable fleet we are proud to boast thanks to our partnership with Honeywell.


Symec manage over 130,000 mobile devices whose services include: repair, software version control, and project deployment. They have built an extensive, expert community of hardware allowing them to deliver a unique service. They have enabled openFleet to flourish as the technological sector grows exponentially and offer the best choice to our customer.


Panasonic is Europe’s leading rugged notebook manufacturer for 17 years, holding more than 50% market share in both rugged notebooks and tablets. They have a longstanding reputation for producing innovative and world leading technologies that are designed to withstand a variety of environments.  The whole TOUGHBOOK range ensures the products continue to receive recognition as a world leading rugged mobile computing solutions. Partnership with Panasonic has given the opportunity to offer our openFleet solution to help and optimise every company.  

Why partner with openFleet?

We give great importance to a customer centric approach and long-term relationships. Being a partner will provide value to both of our customers, and creates new opportunities in our industry for mutual growth. Our partners have entrusted us, so why shouldn’t you?