Black friday 2018

Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday have routinely been one of the busiest, most hectic periods of the year for both high street and online stores.
While the pressure may be high for retailers to sell, ensuring that deliveries are scheduled to arrive on time also comes with stressful challenges.
In 2018 there has been an unquestionable surge in the amount of transactions by 16% compared to previous years and it definitely seems like this trend is very likely to continue in the coming years.
openFleet was once again crunching and optimising schedules cost-effectively for some of the main retailers and couriers across Europe as it continues to make waves in the routing and dispatching industry.
Our system is also able to generate an ETA for your client by SMS or e-mail which gave them the ability to track their orders.
We gave our client the ability to maximise their resources by having less vehicles on the road, less planning costs, less routes and in doing so they had higher customer satisfaction.
In addition, our clients have also benefited from our 24x7x365 support, so you never feel alone any day of the year.

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