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openFleet simplifies and enhances your business, giving you full control to customise the daily running of your business, cutting out inefficiencies, increasing safety and productivity and helping you elevate and direct your business to the top of the market. Achieve increased operational efficiencies and unique value propositions to both end customers and partners.

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openFleet platform enables you to plan and optimise your end-to-end journey, track and deliver your products and services, utilising your best available resources, which improves your customer’s experience.

openFleet Strategic &
Tactical Plan View

Based on the Historic Data and Forecast Volumes, our Strategic and Tactical Planning solution would  simulate and create your perfect route templates according to a range of events such as seasonal fluctuations, new products, required vehicle fleet, new depot location and more.

openFleet Route Plan​

Route Plan is an automated route optimisation and dynamic scheduling solution which allows you to organise your journey, taking into consideration several parameters and constraints. It outputs the optimal result, which makes it suitable for various business needs.

openFleet Live Dispatch​

With the openFleet Live Dispatch solution, monitor in real-time and get information generated by your resources during the operational day. A powerful tool which can be used by your customer support center. Enhance last mile operations by cancelling or assigning new jobs to your resources already on the road. 

openFleet Mobile

The easy-to use openFleet Mobile App provides you with dynamic and customisable workflows for your “on road” and “inside 4 walls” operations. Dispatch routes to your entire workforce and capture all the necessary job information such as POD, failure reasons, signature, picture, payment and much more.

openFleet Customer App & Job Tracking

Our customer engagement solution will definitely increase your customer satisfaction. Set-up customer expectation messages, including a tracking link to keep your customers updated on their jobs progress and send Electronic Proof Of Delivery (EPOD) automatically.

openFleet BI

Our openFleet BI, Reporting and Analytics solution will improve your fleet management, by generating reports and historical data to help you make better business decisions. With openFleet Interface, export .CSV files or push data mechanism to your system, it’s your choice! 

openFleet Connector

Our well documented openFleet standard API’s integration will give you the perfect solution to send and push any update and data capture to 3rd Party Systems or 3rd Party Hardware. Your security also matters to us! openFleet can provide Security integration such as Single Sign-On integration (SSO).

openFleet Consulting Service​

openFleet consulting is your strongest logistics asset. The route optimisation algorithm is the brain of our platform, which has been proudly developed by us. With a number of years in operation, openFleet has gained a wealth of experience and implementation knowledge in different industries, making us your perfect end-to-end delivery consultants.


Assisting businesses in increasing efficiency and productivity, improving customer service and simultaneously cutting costs.


No one knows your business better than you do, and no one knows how to make it exceptional better than us!

Increase revenue and reduce operating costs

Improve overall
operational efficiency

Improve customer

Easily cope with business
change and growth

Customisable solution to meet any business operation process​

A Web-based platform which requires No Installation​

Cloud hosting

Customer support service

openFleet and COVID-19 Response​

openFleet Platform supports our customers, during this unexpected situation, to help you overcome the new COVID-19 business challenges. openFleet can easily cope with rapid business change and online/delivery growth demand. ​We can provide a custom COVID-19 workflow to ensure the safety of the mobile users and your final customer at any stage of their journey. Your safety first and trust gained from your client !

Black Friday with openFleet

Every year Black Friday and Cyber Monday attracts an increasingly large number of consumers. In 2019, over 75% of shoppers bought online instead of in-store. Stimulated by the current 'stay home, stay safe' lifestyle, online orders continue to increase in 2021. This huge spike in demand presents a considerable challenge to the retail supply chain, with couriers in particular being put under extreme pressure​. Our openFleet solution helps you to meet any of your biggest or unique challenges by balancing the delivery expectations of your customers with the capabilities of your fleet and resources.


The platform has been adopted by businesses which are market leaders in their own industry.

Get the most optimal waste management optimization for high- or low-density routes. Our solution includes all the industry requirements such as avoid U-turn, one side collection, one-way street and more.

Waste Management

Manage high cancellation and reschedule rates on the same day. Our dynamic optimization and best insert will give you all the tools to be as flexible as the industry.

Maintenance / Technicians

Easily create the perfect route template across your entire network based on your volume. Our cutting-edge mathematical and artificial intelligence algorithms will optimise all your routes including your business operational rules. In addition, monitor driver’s progress in real-time and send EPOD!

Postal & Courrier

Each of your range of products, services and locations are different and need to be optimized accordingly. We take into consideration all the parameters to schedule your perfect routes. Achieve on-demand, same-day and door to door delivery.


Save time and serve more clients with our dynamic scheduling process. Your workforce will have access to all the stop information in real-time, including progress, comments, orders to be placed, last visit history, next visit schedule and much more.

Field Services

In emergencies time is key. Get perfect on-time service and assign medical demand (delivery or treatment) to the correct skill resources. Every minute counts! Monitor in real-time your optimised routes and manage your medical service whilst your driver is on duty. Give your customer and patients the peace of mind to be able to track their service in real time.

Blue Lights and Pharma

openFleet’s industry parameters optimisation, allows you to improve your liquid fuel distribution, controlled temperature, pet transport, blue lights and emergency services and more by planning your distribution to industrial and private customers.

Specialised Transport​

Make the difference in the market by overcoming all your challenges. Meet high customer expectations and create the optimal cost, on-time optimisation, deliveries and collections.

Transport and Logistics​

Reduce your fleet costs and increase delivery efficiency by encouraging your clients to choose a delivery slot similar to other orders in the area thanks to openFleet dynamic and automated booking engine.