openFleet Live Dispatch

With our Live Dispatch solution, monitor in real-time and get information generated by your resources during the operational day. A powerful tool which can be used by your customer support center. Enhance last mile operations by cancelling or assigning new jobs to your resources already on the road. 

Exception Alerts Management

Get notified with your customisable pre-selected alerts at any moment of your workforce’s journey.

Different Depot View

Map view, Route Timeline or Gantt view. Choose your view!

Customer Engagement Tracking

Get full visibility of customer communication.

Real-time Resource Tracking

Get access to the device position in Real-time and trace it throughout the day on the map.

Route \ Job Interventions

Send updated routes & jobs to your workforce already on the road.

Same Day Job Allocation

Add new jobs to your plan on the same operational day.

Resource & Activity Progress Monitoring

Get actual status and access all the data captured in real-time Planned vs Actual, Job Outcome and Fleet Performance Reports.

Unallocated Routes

When your driver calls in sick, unallocate the route or assign it to a new colleague including the new profile.

Keep in Contact!

Workforce to Back Office communication with our instant Text & Voice Messaging.

ETA Prediction

Based on Traffic, resources profile and stop characteristics.

Workforce Profiles & Vehicle Characteristics

Optimisation takes into consideration the parameters when you create unique routes for your unique resources.

Impact Assessment & Commit

Last minute job sequence modification or job cancellation have an impact on your current plan. Auto Compute a new  scenario,  compare (new duty time, driving time distance, cost and more) and Commit your journey!