openFleet Mobile

The easy-to-use openFleet Mobile App provides you with dynamic and customisable workflows for your “on road” and “inside 4 walls” operations. Dispatch routes to your entire workforce and capture all the necessary job information such as POD, failure reasons, signature, picture, payment and much more.


Configurable Customer Visit Workflows

Customise your workflow and collect all the relevant information per client profile.

Custom Workflows & Dynamic Lists

Easily change the workflow by yourself to capture optional or mandatory information.

Workflow Branching Based on Product, Type of Service

Customise your workflow and collect all the relevant information per your products and services.

Configuration Depot\Warehouse Workflow

Scan your parcel from the trailer and dispatch to the correct route.

Customer Engagement Workflows

Customer satisfaction survey, historic information, Scheduling of next visit, offering additional services and much more.

Ad-Hoc Activity Workflows

Pre & Post route activities workflow

Any activities such as loading/unloading processes and vehicle inspection can be triggered depending on business rules.

Workflow Configuration for Successful, Partial Failure & Failure Scenarios

In the case that your client refuses all or part of the order.

Installation Workflow/Installation Certificate

Need to proceed with a service or installation on site, capture all the necessary data and provide an installation certificate.

Returns Workflow Product

Your client wants to return a product ? Collect, capture data and keep track of any products.

On the Road

Real-time Updates

Receive routes & job updates in real-time to your device, from back-office

Proof of Execution

Signature, Neighbour, Safe Place & Customer not present options.

Start Route Optimisation

Route re-scheduled (retains sequence of stops) based on actual depot depart time, so work schedule is updated to reflect latest plan.

Re Sequence Activity

Allows mobile users to change the planned route’s sequence based on the mobile user knowledge, and calculate new Drive times and ETA.

Mobile user Capture & Sharing of Location Knowledge in Text, Photo & Voice

Enhance security to all your fleet by sharing Location information & warning.

Barcode Scanning & RFID Integration

Use your mobile camera or in-built laser scanner.

Value Added Services & Electronic Payments – (Pin Pad integration)

Do not miss any opportunity to provide additional services to your client (returns, installation etc) with our PIN Pad integration.

Printer on Site

Need a paper copy or to print a coupon? Print whatever you need for your business operation, on site.

Predicted ETA

Indicates predicted arrival time based on current progress & whether driver is on-time in comparison to promised customer time-window.

Re-attempt Visit

Customer not present or premises closed, gives the mobile user the opportunity to re-attempt the visit.

Different Device User Roles Configurate

Driver vs warehouse operative role.

Satellite Navigation

Automatically navigate your mobile user to the next  location.

Keep in Contact!

Workforce to Back Office communication with our instant Text & Voice Messaging.

Mobile Offline\Online Mode

Available on Android and IOS

Click to Call & Manage Contact Lists