About Us

With constant investment in research and developmentLoqus Fleet focuses on providing solutions to deal with complex operations in the supply chain.

openFleet, the successfully marketed platform developed by Loqus Fleet,  is a modular end-to-end transport and mobility platform which focuses on the full cycle of delivering a product or a service from “the warehouse to the customers’ doorstep”. 

The openFleet platform hence covers all elements from Strategic & Tactical Planning to Automated Route Planning and Dynamic Scheduling, Mobile Worfkflows, Real time tracking, and Customer engagement including electronic proof of delivery (EPOD).

It is a highly flexible and customisable platform which can be adopted by small, medium and large businesses operating in various vertical markets. The platform assists businesses to maximise resource utilisation, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The key to the success is the company’s focus on the 3 key pillars – which work in tandem to deliver the product and related services sought by customers.

Focused on what we do best

A team focused exclusively on the openFleet platform

A platform developed in conjunction with customers

Embracing latest developments in technology to ensure high return to our customers

Realising that we are not infallible and we make mistakes
admit them, learn from them and put measures in place not to repeat

Can Do attitude

Why choose openFleet?

openFleet consulting, your strongest Logistics assets

openFleet platform has been developed by Loqus Fleet  a fully‐fledged Technology ICT solutions company, constantly developing innovative solutions for the global market for the past 30  years. We have targeted niche markets such as geographical information systems & geospatial solutions, web solutions, mobile solutions, logistics, fleet management, and GPS based tracking solutions.

The brain of the openFleet platform is the route optimisation core which is made of cutting-edge mathematical, artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms that have been developed by us.

We invest heavily each year in Research and Development, to refine and improve internal processes, quality assurance and team communication to enhance our openFleet platform.

Our ability to compete internationally depends on our ability to improve our products faster than our competitors, anticipating industry requirements, developing and launching new products.

openFleet platform is readily available with a number of years in operation, allowing us to gain valuable experience and implementation knowledge in different industries. 

Our Vision

Innovation is our success 

Strength: The key to strengthening our success and to the ever-changing challenges of the global market we operate in will always be dependent on our team approach, based on hard work and innovation. We strive to employ and develop the best people at Loqus. Substantial effort is used in ensuring our contact teams in sales, project management, testing and development reflect our values with our clients and partners. They are Loqus’ foremost ambassadors. We value their hard work, energy, optimism, flexibility and creativity of all our colleagues. Together we will continue to work hard at being market leaders, securing even better results, as well as continuing  to be an attractive company to work with.

Outside the Box: Creativity and imagination are the number one leadership competencies for our software developers. That is why the sense of freedom and autonomy is essential. Freedom in the day-to-day tasks and in working conditions encourages creativity by thinking outside the box.

Communication Model: Every team member works together to ease the communication between them but also to share ideas to encourage this innovative culture.

Entrepreneurship: Converting ideas into reality is something that we are trying to achieve by allocating resources to R&D. We believe that creativity also is present from outside the company.  We encourage creativity though our ‘open door’ policy for any improvements or ideas to the platform by working from home or abroad to help discover new needs and business behaviours. Any team member can suggest and even prototype any ideas they have.

Knowledge: Talented, diverse employees result in satisfied customers. They also deliver innovative products and outstanding ideas. Loqus ensures continuous investment in training for our employees to enable them to keep up with  new demands and acquire new knowledge and skills. We believe that knowledge sharing is also accelerated through active teamwork.

Loqus provides all its employees with a daily “family lunch” occasionally prepared by the CEO himself,
who is a keen cook

Recognising that our team is our biggest asset:

Application of the four principles: