About us

About us 


"Providing our customers with technology of
the future to help them operate better, faster and more efficiently today!"

Our Vision

openFleet is the latest platform developed by Loqus Fleet. Over the years Loqus has developed avant-garde software solutions which it has successfully marketed both locally and internationally. We place great importance on the client centric approach. We are evolving the relationship from a supplier-customer one to a partnership based on common interests. This approach helps us to tailor industry methodology to the client and the project by building long term relationships through end user value. A team of high calibre software engineers are constantly seeking new ways to provide cutting-edge technologies into our product range, while always maintaining cost-effective solutions with the greatest return on their investment.

Our Culture

Top quality people working in a top-quality environment produce top quality products. Staff form a family and work in small groups contributing to a whole. Playing almost as hard as we work, we encourage fun and support through one to one friendships, a flat management structure and a range of family friendly measures and events. Be yourself and bring your best, and openFleet will provide the rest. Each of us leaves a personal fingerprint that makes who we are now.


openFleet loves talented people and to help you develop your potential.
If you want to see how we grow together either apply for any current position available on our social media or send us your CV
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