openFleet BI

Our openFleet BI, Reporting and Analytics solution will improve your fleet management, by  generating  reports and historical data to help you make better business decisions. With openFleet Interface, export CVS files or push data mechanism to your system, it’s your choice !

Generates Standard Reports and Historical Data

openFleet Includes report as Time-Window Compliance, device tracking, Route Summary, Planned vs Actual and more. Contact us to get all the reports !

Export Data

Export all the data captured by openFleet in excel format or push data to 3rd Party Systems via API.

Enquiry/Search Page

Perfect for your customer support team ! Allows users to search for a particular route, stop or item\service that has been dispatched.

Alerts Notification

Set up your own alert rules (examples: Route Status, Critical Defects, Outcomes Flagged for Alerting or Geofence Entry/Exit).

Live Dashboards

Route progress is captured as a sequence of status events with timestamp, mobile user and location, and all captured data (signature, picture, comments) is stored and available for viewing at back-office.

Route History

View summary of updates performed on the route.

Key Statistics

Get a summary of all your key stats, such as route fill, mileage, violations, number of jobs.

Scan Items

Keep track of all your orders with the scan timestamp, device user and location information.