openFleet Customer App & Job Tracking

Our customer engagement solution will increase your customer satisfaction. Set-up customer expectation messages, including a tracking link to keep your customers updated on their jobs progress and send Electronic Proof Of Delivery (EPOD) automatically. 

Customer Expecting Message

Configure customer message (via e-mail and SMS) including a tracking link to keep your customer updated on their jobs progress.

Order Information

Improve customer satisfaction by providing all the information needed, such as ETA, customer promise time window, live status and history of consignment.

Electronic Proof Of Delivery

Once customers sign the order, automatically email them the EPOD attachments.

Installation Certificate

Once a service is completed, provide guarantee, installation or service certificates to your customer.


Customise your customer’s PDF/e-mail, SMS templates or job tracking page with your brand design.

Customer Job Tracking Page & API

Show live data tracking on your company web portal/app thanks to our standard openFleet API.

Types of Notifications

SMS, e-mail, 3rd Party application (such as Messenger, WhatsApp and more), customer tracking portal (webpage), on-demand customer service application and much more.