openFleet Route Plan​

openFleet Route Plan is an automated route optimisation and dynamic scheduling solution which allows you to organise your journey, taking into consideration several parameters and constraints. It outputs the optimal result, suitable for various business needs. 

Resources Parameter

Resource Management, Capability & Availability

Manage your resource availability for a day of the week and apply it to a scheduled period (e.g. peak vs off-peak).

Resource Capacity Dashboards

Set-up and show duty time, start/end time/location, break period, cost, max vehicle weight and volume.

Parameters & Constraints

Optimisation takes into consideration parameters and constraints such as depot location, vehicles, human resources  and optimisation goal to create unique routes according to specific resources.

Workforce & vehicle Profiles

Resource based on driving/service performance factors, duty time, break time, weight/volume and more; making each resource unique.

Skills Profile

openFleet optimisation assigns the right resource to the right job when a specific skill is required.  

Stop Time Calculation

Configuration by product, service, customer, driver and location.

Driving Time Calculation

openFleet computes driving based on speed profiles and vehicle characteristics.

Product & Service Configuration

Set-up your product and service profile and include all your parameters to be considered in order to get your perfect result.

Rate Profiles

Payment rates can be created for specific product\service\skill.

Franchisee/Sub-contractor Profile

Create your own subcontractor profile and decide how to split jobs between your resources and subcontractors.

Routes Parameter

Dynamic Real-time Route optimisation

Automatically optimise your network with incoming orders for the next 2 week period.

Mandatory First/Last stop activity

Add mandatory first and last stop for all your routes or to a dedicated route.

Premium Jobs

Automatically apply premium business rules to any premium jobs.

Known Location

With our driving and stop performance factors, increase or decrease service time for a specific location.

Job Aggregation

Multiple orders may be serviced for a particular location. You can aggregate into one stop based on your business operation.

Customers Time windows

Feel confident to deliver promises and to provide time windows for deliveries, collections or services to your customers. 

ETA Prediction

Taking driver profile, location, predictive and real-time traffic, into consideration.

Maps Editor

openFleet allows you to edit road networks to reflect real world changes into your business.

What-if Scenario Planning

Create additional scenarios to test alternate options without affecting the live scenario plan. Compare new duty time, driving time distance, cost and more, to help you make the right decision!

Manual Interventions

Allows the job location to be changed with option to update\or retain original job address. Useful when the delivery reception has it’s own entry. 

Drag & Drop Nodes via Map or Timeline

All actions affecting routes are subject to single route optimisation/scheduling & impact assessment; allowing users to review before committing.

Different Depot View

Maps view, Route Timeline or Gantt View. Choose your side!

Job Location

Have the freedom to make manual interventions. We understand the importance of local knowledge. 

Re Sequencing and Lock Sequence Stops

Lock sequence, locks node into a route.

Zone Overrides

Set business rules or constraints for a geographic zone (polygon) or postcode area. (Vehicle type, Exclude TW, stop time etc..).

Geofence Management

Draw geographic zones and set business rules for specific week date, assign workforce or vehicle profile, alert type and time range.


Based on address data our geocoding solution automatically positions jobs geographically, by assigning accurate coordinates.

Potential Revenue

Calculated during route planning depending on the route operator and assigned rate profile​.

Optimisation Methods

Single Route Optimisation

Single Route Scheduling

Depot Optimisation / Re-Route​

Quick Re-Route

Returns a quicker result.

Best Insert

Inserts selected stops into the existing routes.

Balancing Re-route

Re-plans routes to achieve a balanced plan that utilises all resources.

Multi-day Long-haul Routes

Drivers can complete routes in several days, stay overnight and continue the next day, where they left off.


Selected routes with nocore skills.

Fill Route

Fills selected routes by allocating jobs from neighboring routes.

Reverse Route

Green Logistics

Cross Route Optimisation

Moves stops between selected neighboring routes to create an improved overall solution.


When you are delivery heavy or have a high volume of items,  get the perfect optimisation by including a replenish activity.

One Side Collection

openFleet is ready for specific industry requirement such as one side collection/delivery.

U-turn and Uphill

Remove U-Turn of your optimisation and for driver safety requirements, you can request optimisation from uphill to downhill.